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On today's episode we have a new installment of the podcast. We brought on 3 students and the head coach at Shark Pit Jiu Jitsu. Joe Bauserman is the head coach at Shark pit, he has a black belt in BJJ, brown belt in Judo, black belt in Japanese jujitsu, brown belt in Neo Prancration, and black belt Tae Kwon Do. With years of experience in wrestling and boxing and 15 MMA fights he has been voted, best coach and best fight team in the past.  John Fox is a blue belt in BJJ and green belt in Vale Tudo. He holds a 2-0 MMA record both of them being finishes. He served in the Marine Corps from 2013-2017.  Mike MacCumbee is a blue belt in BJJ and returning guest to the show. Josiah Wilder is a blue belt in BJJ, member of Phantom Hourglass, and returning guest of the show.

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