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        Today we have Kelly Fitzpatrick, she is the owner and founder of The Veterans Purpose Project. She hosts The Veterans Purpose Podcast and Self Reflection. Kelly Fitzpatrick spent 5 years in the Navy as a Naval Aircrewman! She was medically retired due to an incurable throat disease called Achalasia. After her time in the service she worked for many government agencies, including the CIA as an Intelligence Analyst! In 2021 she took herself to a hospital because the VA wouldn’t give her a counselor and she was struggling with suicidal ideations. After she was released she decided to dedicate her entire life to learning as much as she could about psychology, neuroscience, and holistic mental health! She now runs The Veteran’s Purpose Project and mental health based social media @chasing.sunsets22 on Instagram’s and TikTok. She gives tips and tricks to help maintain your mental health and well-being, while also joining a community of supportive veterans! Kelly is currently working on a book that describes how she’s become a successful entrepreneur, photographer, Airbnb host and soon to be clinical counselor after surviving sexual assault, domestic violence, and robbery. 
         The veterans purpose project was formed to educate veterans about different types of therapies so they can find a proper therapist, and find hope and purpose post-military.
        Join us as we discuss the mission of the foundation, our own struggles with mental health, and how we over came those struggles.

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We take mental health seriously. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please reach out to someone you know and trust and/or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
Emergency Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
Dial 988
National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 Assistance
Talk with someone at 1-800-273-8255
Chat with someone on the web at:

Veterans Crisis Line:
To talk to someone Dial 988 then press 1
Chat with someone on the web at:
Text 838255

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