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Episode #12 -Cody King -The Wilson King Podcast

October 12, 2020

Episode #12 -Cody King -The Wilson King Podcast
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Our special guest today is Cody King. In this episode we discussed a lot of different things. The three main things we talked about were hunting, his views in politics and his adventures on hiking the Appalachian Trail. On the politic side he's a big supporter of former congressman Ron Paul and shares similar views Ron Paul has. On the Appalachian Trail side, he is a big outdoorsman who loves hiking and in 2016 he managed to complete the whole Appalachian Trail which averages 6 months to complete and he tells his story on that.  Hope you enjoy this long podcast and it was fun for us. 

If you wanna reach Cody on any questions about the A.T. message him on Instagram

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